How to Make a Fantastic Map Quiz

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2017)

make a map quizMap quizzes, your day has come.

Ever want to create a map quiz?

Below is a guide to help you get the best out of our map quiz tool, so you can create something that is truly fantastic.

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1. The Basics
2. The Options
3. The Style

Once you have access, you’re going to want to take full advantage of all the features a map quiz opens up for you. Here’s a step by step guide to create one from scratch. In this example, we’ll make the US States quiz from scratch.

The Basics

Here are the steps to get your quiz set up quickly.

1. Upload an Image

After the initially creating the game, you’ll start off on the Game Info tab. The primary difference here between a Classic quiz and a Map quiz is the Image URL field at the top.

First, upload the image you’d like to use to a popular image hosting site like Flickr or Imgur, and paste the URL of the image into this field. Images must be smaller than 400kb, and cannot be more than 920 pixels wide.


2. Enter the Data

Before you can start placing your map markers, you must enter all the answers you’d like to use in the data tab.

Note: The ‘Extra Info’ column has been disabled for Map quizzes.


3. Place Your Answers

Now that you’ve entered your data, go back to the Game Info tab, and click the Edit Map link above the Image URL.


On the ‘Edit Map’ page you’ll see all the answers you entered on the data tab in a box to the left and your image in the middle. Simply drag your answer to a spot on the map, and that’s where it’ll show up when someone guesses it. All changes are automatically saved here.

You’ll also notice that when you drag an answer for the first time, an orange ‘hint pin’ appears near your answer. You can choose to display these to your users or hide them using the Options screen. If you don’t want to deal with them here on the Edit map screen, just click the Hint Pins link at the top, and they’ll disappear.

Additionally, you can show or hide the answer boxes using the Answers link. If you’d like to line up your answers perfectly on the same line use the Grid option as well as Grid Snap which aligns your answer boxes to the nearest grid row or column.

After that, your quiz is all ready to play, and all that’s left is tweaking a few options so your quiz can be played just how you want it.

The Options

The options page gives you a chance to tweak your map quiz all you want. Here is an explanation of what each option does.

Accept last word only in answers
This option accepts the last word in the answer field as the correct answer. This is often used to accept last names without entering lots of alternate answers.

Accept single character answers
Single characters are ignored by Sporcle when accepting correct answers, this option allows single characters to be accepted on their own as correct.

Filter default words
Sporcle filters ‘The’, &, ‘And’, ‘A’ out of the answer field so that they don’t interfere with correct answers. If you’d like these words to be accepted, this option should be disabled.

Answers with the word ‘go’ display on Start
If you’d like certain answers to fill in when a player begins a quiz, just use the word ‘Go’ as an alternate answer, and those answers will be filled in automatically when this option is enabled.

Use hints and force answers in order
If you add something to the hint field, it will display near the answer box on a map quiz. This option also forces the quiz taker to answer questions one at a time in a specific order.

Hide the previous/next question
This option can only be enabled when forced answers is enabled. This removes the ability of the player to skip ahead in the quiz.

Randomize order of questions
This option can only be enabled when forced answers is enabled. This randomizes the order that the questions are cycled through each time the quiz is loaded.

Show answer text only (no checkmark)
Enabling this option removes the display of the orange checkmark when an answer is guessed correctly.

Show all answer locations
Enabling this option will display the location of all the answers before the quiz begins.

Animation Style
You have two options for how answers display to a player when a correct answer is guessed. The Zoom In effect causes the answer to fly to the correct position from the top of the screen, while the Fade In effect slowly fades in the correct answer at the proper location.

The Style

Once you have your game playing just how you want it, all you need to do to make your quiz really unique is to tweak the style. The style tab determines how the answer boxes display when they appear on the page. Here’s what you can tweak:

Answer Background Color
You can either turn this off completely or choose a specific color for the background of the answer box.

Font Settings
You can change the size, weight, style and color of the font in this section.

Border Settings
To change the settings of the border around the answer boxes, use this section where you can tweak the color and size of the border.




  1. The extra info should be included, I had a good idea for a minefield map quiz, but because extra info is disabled I can’t make one with wrong answers. 🙁

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