Thursday's QuizzesMay 12
Movie by 3 Catchphrases

by knightlancer

Movies 5m
If you get caught playing this by your boss, tell them you were filling out TPS reports.
What Is the Shared Name?

by LTH

These celebrities have almost nothing in common.
Anagram Word Building XXI

by biggs364

These words got messed up in a whirlwind of language.
Shakespeare's Plays by Letter Blitz

by El_Dandy

Remember, you're 'bard' from answering more than one play with the same letter.
Ups & Downs: The Simpsons

by bhenderson79

Surely this should have been called 'Ups & D'ohwns'.
Most Populous 2-Word Cities on a Map

by timschurz

Chicago? London? Beijing? Nope.
Historical Events by 'C' Cities

by Pilgab

History 7m
These cities have 'C'een some things.
Anything but the Picture: Asian Geography

by GeoEarthling

It's a big continent; there are plenty of answers to go around.
Logos Through the Ages: Manchester City

by Noldeh

Sports 90s
Click through the Sky Blues' history...even when they weren't sky blue.
Wednesday's QuizzesMay 11
'D' Fictional Character Blitz

by Flick

There's no place like home, and there's no place like Sporcle.
Erase the USA (Z-A)

by goc3

Well, you'll actually have to start with 'W' since there aren't any 'Z' states.
NBA 5-Year Scoring - Golden State Warriors

by flibbidy

Sports 5m
If you get 100% on this, we may have to list you among our own top scorers.
4-to-1 Blitz: Greek Mythology

by BookishGirl98

Religion 30s
Was there a Greek god or goddess whose domain was trivia?
'90s TV Shows That Ended in the 2000s

by ghcgh

All good things must come to an end.
Album by First 3 Songs IV

by chief7575

Music 3m
It's all about getting the album off to a strong start.
History Books: The Subtitles XVI

by MoMosMoProblems

History 4m
Better know your history!
Two-Headed Celebrities

by MSUKent

Two heads are better than one.
The Lion King Zoo

by Rackie

Movies 6m
Too bad the animals at the real zoo can't talk and sing.
Tuesday's QuizzesMay 10
Mystery US Largest City

by Le_Badger

If you know each state's largest city, you've already solved part of the mystery.
Click an 'O' TV Show

by Doctor_Arzt

Television 2.5m
If you're in the mood for a TV binge, the playlist has the whole alphabet available for you.
Around the Perimeter of Serbia

by mg10

Geography 90s
Can you get your borders in order?
Historic 'ING' People in Three Words

by goosedevil

History 4m
We hope you'll be enjoy-ing this quiz while click-ing your way through.
Chad's Native Animals

by Pigeonface

Science 2m
Is there any chance that the lion is named Chad?
Click the Javier Bardem Movies

by itsthetea

Movies 4m
Anyone who can portray both Anton Chigurh & Desi Arnaz has some excellent range.
Rock Musicians Young & Old II

by kenneycan

Music 5m
This quiz just wants to rock and roll all night, and party every day.
Monday's QuizzesMay 9
Hollywood Walk of Fame Inductees (Motion Pictures)

by Noldeh

The Walk of Fame gives new meaning to 'seeing stars'.
Nine 'C' Singers (Men)

by Flick

Music 60s
If you know all nine of these singers, that makes you super fly.
The 500 HR, 3000 Hits, and .300 Club

by scole9179

Sports 2m
It's one of baseball's most exclusive groups and it just let in its third member.
Map Criteria XVI

by Barbecue

Geography 45s
There are probably better ways to use a map for navigation, but this is more fun.
Oceania Emoji Flag Map

by ryan14

Geography 2.5m
A lot of the smaller nations have had their flag sizes exaggerated for effect.
Actors Through Three Decades of the 21st Century

by ghcgh

Movies 7m
Casting agents have had these guys on speed dial for awhile now.
Guess It in 5: Authors

by MSUKent

Make sure you do this strictly by the book.

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