Friday's QuizzesMay 6
Weakest Link: Middle East

by themightymoosh

Do you have a weak spot for geography trivia?
Group Clicking: Superheroes

by Barbecue

You can't save the world alone.
'G' Big 4 on a Map

by sproutcm

Sports 60s
This quiz features some very old franchises and a few much newer ones.
5x2 Blitz: Decade

by Xartert

History 45s
Five decades, 10 events, 45 seconds. Now go!
Progressively Smaller Best Pictures II

by strokes_static

Movies 5m
Did the ones at the end of the quiz get tiny, miniature Oscar statues?
Find the Image Pieces! XIV

by AuroraIllumina

Who keeps going around cutting up these masterpieces?
Color the Flag Fragment

by GeoEarthling

"Flag fragment" sounds like a good beginning for a tongue-twister.
Bilbo or Frodo?

by FantasticBowTies

Either way, you've definitely got a Baggins.
Thursday's QuizzesMay 5
'N' Logo Minefield

by Scimitar_2002

Get 'N' or get out.
Philadelphia 76ers MVP Votes

by dabbas

Sports 4m
Feel free to practice before you try for real.
Boys' Names Films

by Propellerhead

Movies 4m
You could say that these movies are 'About a Boy'.
Multi-Oscar Nominated Actors (1990s)

by ghcgh

Movies 8m
Some stars get a lot more attention from the Academy than others.
Country by Capital in Native Language

by knightlancer

You only need to know all the capitals AND all the world languages. Go for it.
Fade Out Blitz: US Presidents

by El_Dandy

History 60s
Name them before they fade into history!
Literature... Vaguely

by Hejman

These books are know...things and stuff.
Over/Under: Song Titles

by t_rev19

Music 3m
Apparently, thirty-six is NOT the loneliest number.
4x4x4 Blitz: Entertainment

by SL_Kpop136

We're calling this a quadruple-triple threat.
Wednesday's QuizzesMay 4
Big 4 Logos of 1990

by 24cabfan

Sports 5m
It's time to dig those throwback jerseys out of your closet.
Men of Pop by First 3 Letters

by Slinenfest

Music 3m
Have you picked up your tickets to see Jus & Bru, live in concert?
Harry Potter: Triwizard Trio Venn Diagram

by Evreka

We're just glad we didn't have to face any dragons as part of our high school extracurriculars.
Rivers in Order of Length Minefield

by jelroy

We hope you don't find yourself up this quiz without a paddle.
Who Am I? Women of Animation

by DIEGO1000

Who are you? Who, who, who, who?
British or American Brands

by jackfrog10

We're a fan of any quiz that talks about KitKats and Oreos.
No Clues Crossword Blitz IX

by Flick

Will you solve it in time? We have no clue.
Tuesday's QuizzesMay 3
2-Letter Words with Double Letters

by teedslaststand

Language 30s
By definition, there are only 26 possible choices here.
Just Be Close: What Age Did I Reach? History Edition

by senordingdong

History 5m
Don't know the exact answer? No problem, 'close enough' will do just fine.
Word Search: Board Games

by Cutthroat

Gaming 5m
Are you game for a word game about board games?
Click an HBO Max Show

by qlh27

You can click for free, no subscription required.
Who Talks More?

by LTH

When we ask about Penn & Teller, we hope you don't miss that one.
Wide Receivers in 15 Seconds

by babymonkee

Sports 15s
15 seconds is plenty of time, as long as you get out of bounds between plays.
Capitals by Surrounding Cities

by Pilgab

Geography 2.5m
Well, hello there neighbors!
Story Time III

by sufradley

Gather round, children.
10 Down: African Geography

by SporcleEXP

Geography 60s
Who's ready to contemplate some continental content?
One-Word Movies (1960s)

by Propellerhead

Movies 4m
A lot of memorable films have kept their titles short and sweet.

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