Thursday's QuizzesApr 28
Flip Flop: Singers (Men)

by GeoEarthling

Music 2.5m
Just think of the duet possibilities with these singers!
10 Easy Disney Movies in 15

by MSUKent

Movies 15s
No need to wish upon a star here.
Multi-Category Foursomes VI

by strokes_static

These foursomes are just fantastic.
Mastermind XVI

by goc3

Gaming 60s
Can you outsmart this quiz?
'C' European Soccer Teams by Logo

by eyes355

Sports 6m
We'll be 'C'-ing these teams on the pitch.
NFL - Last 3 Drafted Hall of Famers

by zygarde2937

Sports 10m
Some teams are clearly better than others at seeing all-time potential.
How Close Can You Get To...? XVI

by gazzso

There has to be a more straightforward way to get where we're going, but this is more fun.
CrossWordLadder VIII

by Zipcity

Words don't make for the strongest ladder rungs.
Wednesday's QuizzesApr 27
Around the Clock

by t_rev19

It's easy to have a good time playing these quizzes.
Geography 7 to 1: Letter 'L'

by iluvgeo

We've got everything from Liechtenstein to the Limpopo in this game.
Wrong Colors: The Simpsons Characters

by gamelord2007

Clicked the wrong answer? D'oh!
Sporcle Jumble: Languages

by Exodiafinder687

Jumbles are all about creative use of language, so it seems like the perfect category.
China Geography Bunker

by rolftheoaf

Shouldn't this be the Great China Geography Wall?
2021 Oscar Nominees Movie Posters

by mucciniale

Movies 5m
We hear that King Richard was quite a hit at the Oscars this year.
The NBA's Most Memorable Numbers

by bhenderson79

Sports 5m
Do you have the NBA knowledge to dunk on this quiz?
Literal Batman Villains

by Caltac

When taken literally, these villains aren't quite so intimidating.
Click the Birds of Prey

by christopherjulia

Science 2m
If it's got a pointy beak and sharp talons, it's probably a safe bet.
Tuesday's QuizzesApr 26
US State Capitals Containing 'B'

by El_Dandy

Geography 60s
Some capitals have a capital 'B', others get by just fine with a lowercase one.
Backwards Blitz! MCU

by colmac93

Movies 30s
Ziuq siht htiw kcul doog!
2000s Album by Cover

by Flick

Music 3m
Do you have any of these in your record collection?
Alternates: TV

by jrage2009

The clues in this quiz look kinda like those old electric signs where half the letters don't light up anymore
Criteria Quiz: VPs Who Became President

by biggs364

History 8m
It just seems like the most logical career path.
Oceanian Flags by Color Blitz

by jackaronson23

Geography 30s
Pink & purple usually feel left out on these flag color quizzes.
Czech Soccer Players

by smac17

Sports 5m
It's time to czech out your Euro sports knowledge.
Monday's QuizzesApr 25
Size Matters - European Countries

by PenguinsMeercats

Geography 60s
For once, you don't need to worry about whether or not Greenland counts for Denmark.
What's It Stand For? 7 to 1

by LTH

How useful is a 1-letter abbreviation, anyway?
'H' Historical Figures by Image

by SporcleEXP

History 7m
These people put the 'H' in 'history'.
6 to 1 Landmarks by State

by DesertSpartan

This is not a comprehensive itinerary for traveling to these states, but it's a start.
Missing Animated Characters in Movie Titles

by mucciniale

Somebody hire a cartoon detective to find all of these characters!
Crossing Genres: Artists in Movies

by treessimontrees

Movies 2m
They can sing AND act? All they need to do now is juggle to complete the trifecta.
Pixel Art - MLB Team IX

by goc3

Sports 3m
This brings us right back to the days of 8-bit NES Baseball.
A Dozen Fox Drama Characters

by ghcgh

Don't be out-Foxed.

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