Sunday's QuizzesApr 24
Match Game: 1980s Movies

by DIEGO1000

Movies 3m
When you need to match some 80s films, who ya gonna call? Sporcle, of course!
Tic-Tac-Trivia: US Presidents

by bhenderson79

History 2.5m
It's been a century since the last time three Presidents in a row came from the same party.
Halving and Sorting: Television

by GeoEarthling

If half of your TV screen looks like this, it's best to call a technician.
Video Game Timeline

by Hejman

Gaming 90s
Believe it or not, kids, there WERE games before Minecraft.
Missing Member: Literature

by strokes_static

You can probably find the answers in some books.
1960s Songs by 5 Words

by BorezU

Music 5m
A lot of these are standards of classic rock radio and movies, so no excuses.
Sunday Crossword: Intermissions

by razorz

When you finish this crossword, feel free to take a quick break.
Hide 40 World Flags IV

by timmylemoine1

If you find them, let us know by flagging us down.
25 Mammals of Spain

by kfastic

Science 5m
The rain in Spain falls mainly on these animals.
Saturday's QuizzesApr 23
Movie Franchise Character Image Sorting IX

by Doctor_Arzt

Movies 2m
Churn out lots of sequels and you'll have plenty of new characters to pick from.
It's Been a Slice: Countries IV

by t_rev19

Geography 30s
This quiz will help you stay sharp.
Starts with I, Ends with N

by BillyJoelRulez

Depending on which definition they used, 'Iron Man' could've had extremely different powers.
Artist by Popular Spotify Songs XI

by MSUKent

Music 5m
It's not just a quiz, it's a playlist recommendation!
Two-Way Word Spiral

by rorriMgnizamA

If you're not getting the forward clues, just change directions.
SNL - Sasheer Zamata Impressions

by Librarysquirrel

If you can appear on SNL as both Michelle Obama and Lenny Kravitz, you've got range.
Scientific Historical Figure Minefield

by jrage2009

Science 90s
Wear your safety goggles - if you click a non-scientist, and something might explode.
Saturday Sudoku CXLV

by Jonny162

Here's your weekly installment of little numbers in boxes.
Friday's QuizzesApr 22
8-Letter Sorting Gallery

by Barbecue

How often do we get a chance to put Godzilla and Odysseus in the same quiz?
Countries by Last Letter 'O'

by xant_spectro

Only one country starts with 'O', but a lot more end with it.
10 to 1: Earth Science

by petenge

Science 7m
How better to celebrate Earth day than with some trivia about your home planet?
British Authors by Age

by Pilgab

Literature 2.5m
At least one of these authors would be over 500 years old if they were still alive today.
Lyrics for Every Letter: Mystery Album

by El_Dandy

Music 10m
We're alphabetizing our lyrics just to keep things organized.
Build a Word Ladder! IV: Beautiful Refraction

by BookishGirl98

Here's your dad joke for the day: Where does light go when it breaks the law? It gets sent to prism.
International Footballers: Blitz the Brazilians II

by Horgems

Sports 3m
How many football fans are there in Brazil? About a brazillion of them?
Thursday's QuizzesApr 21
Superhero Rainbow Blitz

by metakoopa99

One of the X-Men almost certainly has rainbow powers.
Movies in 2 Words V

by MSUKent

Movies 4m
This is the kind of constrained writing we can get behind.
30 Two-Word 'R' Musicians Match-Up

by SporcleEXP

Music 5m
A 100% qualifies you for 'super freak' status.
MLB Photo Minefield: Championship Winners

by strokes_static

Sports 2m
It's simple: either these players win, or you go home.
One Gets the Lot: TV Casts

by Hejman

These casts are prett-ay, prett-ay, prett-ay good.
Increasing Options: Animals

by bhenderson79

Science 6m
There are so many animals here that we're well on our way to opening our own zoo.
Missing Countries: World

by iluvgeo

We love all 197 and don't want to miss any of them!
20 Terms: Greek History

by DarkPhalanx

History 6m
Greece is the word.
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