One Deadly Decoy: Music

by metakoopa99

Music 15s
One wrong move and you'll face the music.
Increasing Options: Europe

by bhenderson79

Much like planning a trip to the continent, you've got a lot of choices to consider.
QUICK! Click the 'W' Things!

by MSUKent

We wonder which 'W' words will wreck you.
Sunday Crossword: Blind Spot

by Chenchilla

Make sure to check your mirrors before starting the puzzle.
Fun Fact Missing Two Countries VI

by NO_r_WAY

History 5m
These historical tidbits come in pairs.
Five Decades of Sports Movies

by jrage2009

Movies 5m
The thrill of victory and the agony of scripted.
TV Characters by Other Roles IV

by ghcgh

We wonder how often some of these actors accidentally reverted to their other characters.
'Doctor' in Comic Book Names

by BorezU

We're going to go ahead and assume that you don't want to be operated on by most of these doctors.
True or False: Mars

by El_Dandy

Science 4m
If you get any of these wrong, you'll be seeing red.
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Saturday's QuizzesMay 21
Decolorized Cartoon Characters

by GeoEarthling

Or: That one episode of 'The Simpsons' where Marge goes gray.
Country Codes in Holidays

by HmmYes

Holiday 7m
This should help you figure out where to send all those holiday cards.
Uniony Words

by dinosaur1972

Ugh, stinky! Wait... maybe we misread this.
Juicy Clicky-oke

by gnk

Music 7m
It's been 28 years, and this song is still all good.
Saturday Sudoku CXLIX

by mike2017

These numbers are grid-locked.
Bordering 'L' Countries on a Map

by RobPro

We hope you don't take an 'L' in this quiz.
Rock Consonants

by Flick

Science 30s
Is 'Y' a consonant or a vowel in 'Dwayne Johnson'?
M-O-V-I-E Movies

by Slinenfest

Movies 4m
We did it! We spelled M-O-V-I-E! What do we win?
Friday's QuizzesMay 20
5-to-1: Queen Songs by Lyrics

by CooCooCachoo

Music 3m
We see a little silhouetto of a quiz.
Post-Apocalyptic Movies Picture Click

by LisaSimpsonOH

Movies 4m
Whoops, Hollywood blew up the Earth again.
'A' Footballer Images

by skuban

Sports 5m
Try to name them all... that's the goal.
1950s TV in 3 Clues

by DIEGO1000

Has anyone made a '50s mashup show yet called 'I Love Lassie'?
Board Games by Numbers

by knightlancer

Gaming 4m
Did you lose your dice? No worries, just shout a random number and move that many spaces ahead.
One-Minute Crossword XLIII

by Qaqaq

Language 60s
It's not very much time, but it's also a very small crossword.
Binary Logic Grid IV

by Susan300

Just be glad it's a binary puzzle and not a hexadecimal one.
Dictator, Director, Doctor, or Driver?

by colmac93

Are there any dictators who are also professional Formula One drivers?
Find 7 Cities: Himalayas

by Tasi

You definitely won't find any seaside locales among these cities.
Famous Americans by Mural III

by hatefulmissy

History 6m
Perhaps surprisingly, a bunch of these murals are located outside of the US.
Thursday's QuizzesMay 19
20 Actors, 40 TV Roles II

by DesertSpartan

These actors are doing double duty.
Geographically Closest European Countries: M

by Cutthroat

Geography 60s
Help us m-bark on a continental tour.
Animals on Time Magazine Covers

by aglick

Science 2.5m
We're still campaigning for an animal to win Person of the Year.
Rock Song Sorting

by WalshyMusic

Music 2m
We thought about just plain old 'Rock Sorting' but assumed you'd take it for granite.
Famous Faces and Logos

by LTH

It's almost like these logos are personal brands for celebrities.
4x4 Image Crossword: Movie Posters VI

by bhenderson79

Movies 3m
Talk about ambitious movie crossovers.
MLB MVPs and Cy Youngs 2010-2019

by El_Dandy

Sports 5m
A couple of Cy Young winners ALSO won MVPs, so you can save some time.
Shortest Name Blitz

by caramba

Martin Short approves of this blitz.
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